Introducing the Working Materials Used by Artists
Pen & Ink Woodcuts
Charcoal Engravings
Pastels Lithographs
Watercolours Chromolithographs
Gouache Photogravures
Oils Photomechanical Reproductions
Some Basic Printmaking Techniques used in Canada
Fine Art Buyer's Consumer Alert
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Great Canadian Sculptors & Carvers
Allward, Walter Seymour (1875-1955) sculptor of Public Monuments, portrait busts
Cavicchiolli, Gino sculptor of portrait busts, painter
Coté, Jean-Baptiste (1834-1907) sculptor, carver of religious & historical figures
Fake Bronzes Sure they're out there - lots...
Hébert, Louis-Philippe 1 (1850-1917) sculptor of Public Monuments, portrait busts
Hébert, Louis-Philippe 2 (1850-1917)
Hébert, Louis-Philippe 3 (1850-1917)
Hunt III, Stan (1958- ) Kwakwaka'wakw First Nation, British Columbia
James, Charlie (1867-1938) Kwakwaka'wakw totem pole carver
Jobin, Louis (1845-1928) sculptor, carver of religious & historical figures
Laliberté, Alfred (1878-1953) sculptor, carver of religious & historical figures, Painter
MacCarthy, Hamilton 1 (1846-1939) sculptor of Public Monuments, portrait busts
MacCarthy, Hamilton 2 (1846-1939)
MacCarthy, Hamilton 3 (1846-1939)
Neel, Ellen (1916-1966) Kwakwaka'wakw totem pole carver
Stiglitz, Randy (1956- ) Coast Salish First Nation, British Columbia
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The Artists Major Artistic Preoccupations
Folk Art - JB Anderson Tom Cross, Hamilton, Ontario Memorial Watercolour 1885
Folk Art - Annie Rogers Queen Victoria Needlework - 1872
Folk Art - Anon US General Philip Sheridan - c 1875
Folk Art - Anon General Lord Roberts - 1910
Folk Art - Anon Lt. George E Laidlaw - 1885
Folk Art - Anon Minnehaha Angela Clarke, African Missionary, Memorial - 1893
Anonymous Fakes no labels, mislabeled, bad evaluations...
Anonymous Portrait Artist Lt. George E Laidlaw 1860-1927
Anonymous Portrait Artist Robert Farries Sr & Janet Harries c1870
Anonymous Naval Officer Victorian War Ships
Armstrong, William 1 (1822-1914) Ontario Indians, sailing & historic people, places, events
Armstrong, William 2 (1822-1914) - FAKE 2 test your forgery sleuthing skills
Armstrong, William 3 (1822-1914) - FAKE 1 forgery sold by Ontario auctioneer
Blatchly, WD (1838-1903) commercial artist, Riel Rebellion lithos
Brooks, Allan (1869-1945) wildlife bird artist
Brookes, Jeanette McClelland portraits of Canadian Indians
Caddy, John Herbert 1 (1801-1883) Canada East (Quebec) & West (ON) people, places, scenics
Caddy, John Herbert 2 (1801-1883)
Calvert, Fanny Colwill 1 (1848-1936) Guelph, Ontario area scenics, portraits, & still lifes 1898-1930s
Calvert, Fanny Colwill 2 (1848-1936)
Calvert, Fanny Colwill 3 (1848-1936)
Canadian Illustrated War News 1885 Riel Rebellion Souvenir Edition Lithographs
Chavignaud, Georges pastoral scenics
Cockburn, James Pattison (1779-1847) Canada East (Quebec) & Ontario (Niagara region) scenics
Cozzens, Frederic S (1856-1928) master of American marine art
Cresswell, William Nicoll (1818-1888) Ontario and Atlantic Canada maritime scenics
Cunanan, Art 1 (1948- ) Southern Ontario rural and nature scenics
Cunanan, Art 2 (1948- )
Delfosse, Georges (1869-1939) Quebec religious murals & portraits
FAB FIVE Great Canadian Artists Great Canadian Heritage and Historical Art
Hergel, James Edward (1961-) late 20th & early 21st century Canadian landscape art
Hicks, RPD (1903-1973) Southern Ontario scenics
Hider, AH 1 (1870-1952) Military professional artist of Canadian historic subjects
Hider, AH 2 (1870-1952) Advertising
Hider, AH 3 (1870-1952) Calendars
Hider, AH 4 (1870-1952) Horses
Hider, AH 5 (1870-1952) Historical
Hider, Russell J (1899-1992) Canadian northern and California landscapes
Heming, Arthur 1 (1870-1940) mystical Indian & northern wilderness themes & history subjects
Heming, Arthur 2 (1870-1940)
Heming, Arthur 3 (1870-1940)
Heming, Arthur 4 (1870-1940)
Heming, Arthur 5 (1870-1940)
Holdstock, Alfred Worsley (1820-1910) Laurentian & Ottawa River Valley scenics with Indians
Holloway, Edgar Alfred (1870-1941) British military uniform and children's illustration artist
Humme, Joseph Julius (1825-1889) Ontario Indian & northern wilderness subjects
Jacobi, Otto (1812-1901) Canada East (Quebec) & West (ON), & western scenics
Jefferys,CW 1 (1869-1951) professional artist of Canadian historic & heritage subjects
Jefferys,CW 2 (1869-1951)
Jefferys,CW 3 (1869-1951)
Kane, Paul western Canadian Indian scenes & portraits
Kelly, JD 1 (1862-1958) - General professional artist of Canadian historic subjects
Kelly, JD 2 (1862-1958) - Immigrants
Kelly, JD 3 (1862-1958) - Explorers
Kelly, JD 4 (1862-1958) - Quebec
Kelly, JD 5 (1862-1958) - Development 1
Kelly, JD 6 (1862-1958) - Development 2
Kelly, JD 7 (1862-1958) - Canadian Heroes 1
Kelly, JD 8 (1862-1958) - Canadian Heroes 2
Kelly, JD 9 (1862-1958) - Canadian Heroes 3
Kelly, JD 10 (1862-1958) - The Creative Kelly 1
Kelly, JD 11 (1862-1958) - The Creative Kelly 2
King, Charles Bird (1785-1862) (US) American Indian chiefs for McKenney & Hall 1818-1836
Knowles, Farquhar McGillivray (1859-1932) seascapes & harbour scenics 1890-1930
Krieghoff, Cornelius (1815-1872) 1 French Canada habitants, Indians, rural scenes 1850s & 60s
Krieghoff, Cornelius (1815-1872) 2
Lewis, Maud (1903-1970) naif Nova Scotia oxen, ship, winter & summer scenics
Lockwood, William (1803-1866) Canada East (Quebec) portrait painter
Moodie, Susanna (1883-1885) Canadian flowers, pioneer scenics
Morris, Edmund Montague (1871-1913) portraits of western Canadian Indian leaders
Morrisseau, Norval 1 (1932- ) mystical Indian motifs
Morrisseau, Norval 2 (1932- ) - FAKE FAKE mystical Indian motifs
Morrisseau, Norval 3 (1932- ) - FAKE
Morrisseau, Norval 4 (1932- ) - FAKE
Planding, Otto (1887-1964) early 20th century Ontario and Rocky Mountain scenics
Roberts William Goodridge (1904-74) impasto still life, portraits, scenic views of Ontario & Quebec
Rummell, Richard (1848-1924) American "Bird's Eye" panoramic cultural scenics
Staples, Owen 1 (1866-1949) professional artist of Canadian historic subjects
Staples, Owen 2 (1866-1949)
Stephenson, Lionel M (1854-1907) Fort Garry and Ontario scenics
Sweet, William Henry (1889-1949) Canadian water scenics
Verner, Frederick Arthur (1836-1928) Canadian buffalo and Indian scenics
Whale, John Claude (1852-1905) 1850s to 1900 Ontario landscapes, genre, portraits, still lifes
Whale, John Hicks (1829-1905)
Whale, Robert Reginald (1805-1887)
Whale, Robert Heard (1857-1906)
Wickson, Paul 1 (1860-1922) 1880s to 1920 rural Canadian lifestyle scenics
Wickson, Paul 2 (1860-1922)